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Floor Drops

From sleek, ultra-sophisticated wood flooring found in the finest custom homes to rust-stained concrete that looks like it came right out of an auto-repair shop, Savage Floor Drops offer amazingly lifelike, detailed, and dimensional patterns that are the photographer’s choice for creating the look of location shooting in the studio. Need to set up a sports-related shoot and the weather’s not cooperating? We even have football, basketball, and baseball floor drops. 

While we call them Floor Drops don’t think for a minute that they’re limited to work at that level. Try combining two Floor Drops—one as a background, the other on the floor—for even more of an on-the-scene look and feel. 

All Savage Floor Drops come in the size of 2,40m x 2,40m. All are printed on rubber and sport a polyester finish on the print side, which makes them durable, easy to walk on, and easy to roll up for storage.

Size: 1,52m x 2,13m and 2,44m x 2,44m

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T 120351 Natural Beech
T 120352 Red Oak
T120353 Rum Oak
T 120354 Brazilian Cherry
T 120355 Handscraped Oak
T 120356 Aged Oak
T 120357 Grey Pine
T 120358 Weathered Wood
T 120359 Whitewash
T 120360 Large Planks
T 120361 Antique Pine
T 120362 Worn Planks
T 120363 Red Brick
T 120364 Aged Brick
T 120365 Grunge Brick
T 120366 Rustic Pavers
T 120367 Mosaic Pavers
T 120368 Classic Tile
T 120369 Aged Pavers
T 120370 Industrial Grunge
T 120371 Diamond Plate Grunge
T 120372 Grass Sports Field
T 120373 Center Court
T 120374 Dirt Sports Field




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