Frames “Mein Landhaus”

Unique frames, made from wood used to build Estonian farm houses 150 years ago

Estonia is the most northern state of the Baltic countries, located at the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic sea. It is a country with a fascinating and changeable history.

Throughout the last centuries, Estonia was first lost by the Swedish empire to the Russian empire. After the Russian revolution in 1917 Estonia was placed under Soviet control. In 1918, Estonia was declared independent and maintained this for 22 years until World War II. The country was then occupied by Nazi Germany and later by the Soviet Union. After many years of hardship Estonia finally regained its independence in 1991. Estonia became part of the European Union in 2004

The farm houses, mansions and cottages built during this period were covered with unique wooden panelling. Today these buildings are undergoing renovation due to wear and tear. A result of many years of sun, wind, rain, snow and ice... The original wooden panels are available in very limited quantity but are collected and treated to become the source for these unique and characteristic frames.
Every “Mein Landhaus” frame is handcrafted in Estonia and will turn your valuable pictures into unique pieces of art.



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