2001: Foundation of TRIBEX Trading as a privately held company, based in Pfäffikon, SZ. At that time, the company deals with second hand minilabs and becomes specialized in refurbishing machines manufactured by Gretag Imaging Ltd. The key markets are in Eastern-Europe, for example Albania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine.

2003: After the bankruptcy of Gretag Imaging Ltd the demand at TRIBEX Trading Ltd increases for fully refurbished minilabs. At this time a relocation to the excellant new warehouse and office in Kloten enabled the continued expansion of TRIBEX. The official company address is going to be moved Kloten, Zurich.

TRIBEX Trading Ltd becomes by middle of 2003 the official distributor for Switzerland for the US-American producer of filmscanners PAKON.

By the end of 2003, TRIBEX Trading Ltd becomes the official distributor for Switzerland for the Italian company San Marco Imaging, which took over the Retail business of Gretag Imaging AG out of the bankruptcy. Since this point, TRIBEX Trading Ltd is also able to offer new minilabs of a very high quality level in the Swiss market.

2004: The turnover for new as well as refurbished analogue and digital minilabs could be increased. Customers and business partners are in the meantime available on all continents.

2005: TRIBEX Trading Ltd becomes the official distributor for the German manufacturer of photochemicals, Calbe Chemie for Switzerland. TRIBEX Trading Ltd is developing itself as a complete supplier of products for the production of photographic prints in laboratories.


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